Thursday, May 3, 2012

Online viewing: Standard for Spring video selections

Can't make it to the Standard for Spring? 
Watch the videos online here!
Made public on May 19, 2012 at 11pm.

The Standard for Spring May 19, 2012 is an outdoor public art event in the Meat Packing, Chelsea area of NYC. S.F.S. featuring 21 performance and video artists. The videos shown here will be projected at impromptu times by unconventional means in undisclosed locations announced up to the minute by twitter reporter Lisa Lovemonster on the Standard for Spring twitter page.
Sources of projection include: reverse window projection, mini projections on white foamcore panels held by assistance and large scale projections by Rogue Video.

Video artists in order on this compilation: Lucie Kim and Felix von der Weppen, Ahmet Civelek, Bobby Abate, M.W. Nolden, Kamil Nawratil, M.W. Nolden, Jessica Segall, Brian Cavanaugh, David Tallis, The New Sound Karaoke with Black Waterfall and Bobby Service, and Scott Kildall