Thursday, June 14, 2012

Standard for Spring photographs available now on Imagekind

Photographs from the Standard for Spring's promotional materials are available to print on demand on Imagekind.

The Standard Hotel, technical hub for the event and site of reverse window projections by David Tallis, Andrew Demirjian and James Proctor. Made possible by the technical assistance of Crystal Butler and Rogue Video.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Andrew Demirjian featured project for the Standard For Spring

Andrew Demirjian in collaboration with James Proctor
Present Color Code

Streaming live from SUMU artist residency in Turku, Finland
projected onto a hotel window in NYC as a reverse window projection.

Color Code is a computer program that reads the Wikipedia entry on Turku, Finland and assigns a color to each letter of the Finnish alphabet. The work reads through the text and projects a color morse code for the online description of the city. It will be a virtual presence of Finland in New York as a rear window projection from the hotel room of the Standard Hotel.

Link to installation:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Online viewing: Standard for Spring video selections

Can't make it to the Standard for Spring? 
Watch the videos online here!
Made public on May 19, 2012 at 11pm.

The Standard for Spring May 19, 2012 is an outdoor public art event in the Meat Packing, Chelsea area of NYC. S.F.S. featuring 21 performance and video artists. The videos shown here will be projected at impromptu times by unconventional means in undisclosed locations announced up to the minute by twitter reporter Lisa Lovemonster on the Standard for Spring twitter page.
Sources of projection include: reverse window projection, mini projections on white foamcore panels held by assistance and large scale projections by Rogue Video.

Video artists in order on this compilation: Lucie Kim and Felix von der Weppen, Ahmet Civelek, Bobby Abate, M.W. Nolden, Kamil Nawratil, M.W. Nolden, Jessica Segall, Brian Cavanaugh, David Tallis, The New Sound Karaoke with Black Waterfall and Bobby Service, and Scott Kildall

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Artists Announced for the Standard For Spring

The city is our gallery
Welcome to the Standard For Spring
Performance Art
Go! Pushpops
Tara Raye Russo
Allison Schlegel
Nyugen Smith

In Plein Aire
Diane Tenerelli - June

Reverse window projection from the Standard Hotel
Andrew Demirjian and James Proctor from SUMU artist residency, Finland
David Tallis

Video Projection
Curator Jeanne Brasile of Rogue Art and Video

Video Artists
Jessica Segall
The New Sound Karaoke
Timothy McMurray and Jacqueline Weaver
Brian Cavanaugh
M.W. Nolden
Lucie Kim and Felix von der Weppen
Ahmet Civelek
Kamil Nawratil
Scott Kildall

Event photographer
HeyMrJason Photography

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Call Out For Video Art

Open Call for video art projects for:

The Standard for Spring

Tara Raye Russo (Artistic Director) in collaboration with Jeanne Brasile (Founder Rogue Art and Director of Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University)

The Standard for Spring is seeking artists’ videos for an outdoor screening in some unlikely places at impromptu times by unconventional means. Artists whose work is adaptable to being projecting onto people place or things is the conceptual fit for this event.

Some examples include but are not limited to:

An impromptu screening by a wireless mobile mini projector projected onto a white wall of foamcore panels held by people.

Large scale projections onto exterior walls.

Reverse projection screenings on windows.

The Standard for Spring continues a movement of impromptu art in public spaces as set forth by festivals like: Conflux, Rogue Art, SITE Fest and Art in Odd Places. This practice allows artists to break free from the confinement of the studio and the gallery space and interact with an unsuspecting and unassuming public. This alchemic occurrence spontaneously animates a space and renders a unique experience that has the potential to momentarily alter or transcend the everyday experience.

The Standard for Spring is a one day outdoor event of performance art and video on Saturday May 19, 2012 with a rain date the following Saturday. Once the performance departs from the meat packing district, roving performances will lead the way on a walk that connects the audience from one performance and video screening to the next. Locations and artists will be updated and announced on twitter.

The theme of The Standard for Spring is “see and be seen” and embraces the idea of the world as a stage in a city where anything is possible. Glass highrises exemplify the idea that to be contemporary is to be transparent. The level of interconnectedness that it wishes to attain with the outdoors is limited by a separation of glass. This breach of detachment is just one example of the type of barriers that The Standard For Spring should seek to break down, integrate, occupy, reveal or create. During a time of heightened voyeuristic meddling, made possible by the Internet, our experiences are becoming the experiences of others. What we portray and how we portray it is a source of unlimited inquiry and expression.

The Standard for Spring is the art of intervention, it is seasonal, can be fleeting, confidant, of excellence, a display, whimsical, colorful, temporal, ethereal, curious, serendipitous, emergent, integrating, communicative, revealing, pheromonic, cathartic, rebellious, confrontational, flirtatious, voyeuristic, primal, restorative, airy, fragrant, prowling, alluring, warm, gay, and instinctual.

Time and Departure Location: TBA

Event Date: Saturday May 19th rain date May 26th

Submission Guidelines:

Up to 3 videos submissions per artist averaging approximately 5 minutes each

Artists must submit their videos on DVD or flash drive, .mpeg,.avi or .mov formats with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

Digital files are to be named in the following way: artistname_titleofwork.filetype (example: or smith_statement.doc)

S.A.S.E. for return of materials

Printed artist statement, C.V., website address, contact

Project proposal: For installation work or for projecting onto materials other than the ones mentioned above.

Please include with your submission a $15.00 check payable to StepOn to Design LLC

StepOn to Design is partnering with The Standard For Spring. StepOn to Design is a full service exhibition design company providing design services, vinyl lettering and fabrication for museums and galleries in the New Jersey, New York metropolitan area.

Submission deadline:CLOSED